Bio Peeling Treatment - Renew and Rejuvenate your Skin the Organic Way

Bio peeling

Unlike other peels that are surface thinning, 2B Bio Peeling starts the exfoliation process from the inside which focuses on pure skin improvement.

  • For mature skin to repair the effects of ageing, prevent skin ageing and brighten the complexion.
  • For women and men of any age, for body and face, for oily skin or skin prone to acne.
  • For people suffering from superficial hyperpigmentation, melasma and pregnancy mask.

The skin is thoroughly purified. Cellular metabolism is reactivated, wrinkles and lines are smoother and filled from within. Dilated pores are narrower, pigmentation spots are faded. A solid skin boost that instantly beautifies the skin.

After treatment, do not massage the treated area for up to 24 hours, do not exercise, do not sit in the sun or sauna, do not wash the treated area or shower with hot water, do not sleep on the face (if the face is injected) and do not apply make-up.


2B Producten

Bio products slow down skin ageing and help resolve inflammation and skin blemishes. The products help achieve the best skin results naturally. A highly effective care programme with amazing results that meets the expectations of modern men and women, no matter what age or skin type.

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