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Complaints procedure Tulip Laser Beauty Center

From April 2022, the Care Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz) came into force. This patients' act is seen as a major step in improving the relationship between healthcare provider and patient. The law ensures that patients can rely on good care and proper, quick and accessible handling of complaints and disputes. The law replaces two laws in this area: the Care Institutions Quality Act and the Health Sector Client Complaint Act. The Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) monitors compliance with the Wkkgz. A complaint may relate to the care provided, but also to the service or organisation of the practice. For example, you may feel that you were not sufficiently informed and/or the treatment did not go as expected or agreed. All staff at Tulip Laser Beauty Centre always strive to achieve the best results and provide the best service. If there is anything you are dissatisfied with we would like to hear about it. We always take complaints very seriously because your good experience is worth a lot to us and we always want to keep improving.

Quality and safety

Transparency and transparency in healthcare is important, you as a patient/consumer should have the options to choose your own practitioner. However, how do you make this choice? Who is the best person to go to? After all, you want to know who you are in the chair with and whether that practitioner has the right training and experience. For this, you need more insight into the quality of the practitioner.

You have a complaint about your healthcare provider/ practitioner.

Your healthcare provider has informed you via his/her practice's website or via a leaflet in the practice what you can do if you are dissatisfied with the care provided. This also indicates the procedure that applies if you wish to discuss your complaint. The following procedure applies to care providers affiliated to the Paramedics Complaints and Disputes Scheme;

The first step

The first step is to have a conversation with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider may well not realise that you are dissatisfied and about what. There may be a misunderstanding. Often, such a conversation already leads to a solution.

Complaint procedure

It may be that a conversation does not offer a solution, or not enough. Or there is a good reason not to engage in a conversation. In that case, you can use the complaints procedure. The Paramedics Complaints and Disputes Procedure offers you an independent complaints officer. If you have further questions or cannot find a solution, it is possible to contact the complaints desk by e-mail or telephone.

For questions or more information:
Paramedics Complaints Desk
t: 0228-322205 (available Mon-Fri 9am-12pm)

The independent complaints officer reviews your complaint, gives advice on filing a complaint if required, can help formulate it and seeks a solution. You will receive a response from the complaints officer to your submitted complaint within two weeks. The complaints officer will also contact the healthcare provider concerned. At the latest within six weeks, the healthcare provider will have to provide his/her response/resolution on the complaint expressed.

Disputes committee

If the solution offered or the way the complaint was handled is unsatisfactory for you, you can turn to the disputes committee. This is headed by an independent chairman. The committee will try to find a solution. A decision by the arbitration committee is binding on both the healthcare provider and you. In certain cases, the committee may award compensation. You can also submit a dispute via the website of the Klachtenloket Paramedici, where you will find a simple form and further explanation.

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